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The Antutu Benchmark App – The Most Popular Benchmarking App in the World. There are tons of benchmarking apps on the market, and many of them do the same thing – they test the various aspects of your phone to provide you with an overall score. Of course, one of the most popular benchmarking apps out there comes from the AnTuTu brand, and it has existed since 2008. Here’s all you need to know about this app, including how to use it and what it can do for you!

What is Antutu?

Antutu is a cross-platform benchmarking app that allows users to test the performance of their devices. It is one of the most popular benchmarking apps in the world with over 200 million users. Antutu measures everything from CPU performance to 3D graphics and gaming performance. It is a useful tool for comparing different devices or testing the performance of your own device.

There are several categories available, including RAM, ROM, GPU, CPU and I/O speed. In addition to providing these statistics, it also displays some nice visuals like graphs and charts showing how well the phone is performing. On the Devices tab, you can see all of the Android phones that have been tested on this version of AnTuTu. You can compare them by brand, model number and system type (e.g., android).

I found out about this app when my friends were talking about which smartphones they had purchased recently and how much storage space they had on them. One friend was raving about his new phone’s features while another friend made fun of him because he had only 1GB of storage left on his new smartphone while her 2GB model offered her more room for photos and videos without worrying about running out anytime soon.

That gave me an idea! What if we took our two phones and ran them through the same benchmarking app? And what if we posted our results on social media so people could compare? We could call it the Battle of Storage Wars! How many likes would we get?

Would people be able to tell who has more storage space just by looking at the post? We both agreed this would be a great way to help others make an informed decision before purchasing a new phone. So we started taking pictures of our screens as we went through different benchmarks, starting with Antutu. Once finished, we put our pictures up on Facebook and Instagram with captions explaining what each graph meant so people could better understand our results.

What are benchmarks?

A benchmark is a point of reference that can be used to measure something. In the case of the Antutu benchmark app, it is used to measure the performance of Android devices. The app does this by running a series of tests on the device and then compares the results to other devices. The aim is to give users an idea of how well their device performs compared to others. When using the app, you will have a number of options available to you including: Single-core testing, Multi-core testing (requires root), AnTuTu Video Tester (requires root), Hardware Test (requires root) and GPU Benchmark.

There are also different benchmark options depending on what type of phone you have; for example: for tablets there is just Multi-core testing whereas for smartphones there are Single-core testing and Multi-core testing options.

You can use these benchmarks to compare the performance of your current device with others or see if your purchase was worthwhile. If you are trying to decide between two different phones and one has better benchmarks than the other, then it might be worth paying more for that model as you will get better performance. However, don’t forget that the best way to tell which phone is right for you is simply to try them out yourself. The benchmark data should only act as a guide when comparing various models.

How do I run an Antutu benchmark?

To run an Antutu benchmark, you first need to download and install the app. Once it’s installed, open the app and click on the Benchmark button. A new window will open asking you to select the type of benchmark you want to run. Select Full Benchmark and then click on the Start button. The benchmark will start running and will take a few minutes to complete. Once it’s finished, you’ll see your score and can compare it to other devices.

You can also tap on the graph at the top to switch between CPU, GPU, RAM and ROM. You can export your results by clicking on Export Result at the bottom left-hand corner. When exporting, you have the option to share your results on Facebook or Twitter or send them via email. There are some different types of benchmarks you can choose from including: Cache Test, Continuous System Performance Test, Heavy Load System Performance Test, Light Load System Performance Test and Realtime Rendering Preview.

A cache test determines how quickly your device retrieves data stored in its cache memory. If you’re using a phone with lower specifications, this may be the only test that runs smoothly. A continuous system performance test looks at how fast the device is able to perform certain tasks while multitasking and working with other apps. The heavy load system performance test analyzes how well your device handles intense processing for longer periods of time.

If you’re testing a tablet, there is also a light load system performance test which measures less demanding functions like web browsing or video playback for longer periods of time. Finally, there is the realtime rendering preview which checks how long it takes for complex 3D graphics to render on screen as well as check its framerate (frames per second).

How can I make my phone faster by running an Antutu benchmark?

One way to help make your phone faster is by running an Antutu benchmark. This app will test your phone’s performance and give you a score. The higher the score, the better your phone is performing. You can use this score to compare your phone’s performance to other phones.

Additionally, the Antutu benchmark can help you find ways to improve your phone’s performance. For example, if your score is low, you can try deleting unused apps or clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work, you might need to reset your phone and do a factory reset. Factory resets are useful for when nothing else works! They might take some time to complete but are worth it for better performance.

If your CPU is not doing well, there might be problems with either the CPU or the RAM on your device. If this is the case, upgrading these components may fix the problem!

What’s new with the Antutu Android Malware Test?

If you’re wondering what’s new with the Antutu Android Malware Test, here’s a quick rundown. First, we’ve added support for cross-platform testing. This means that you can now test your Android apps on multiple devices, including Windows and Mac. Second, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to test your app’s performance against other apps on the market.

This is a great way to see how your app stacks up against the competition. Third, we’ve made some improvements to our user interface. fourth, we’ve added support for more languages. fifth, we’ve made some changes to our pricing model. And last but not least, we’ve made some major changes to our backend infrastructure.

If you want to download an antutu patch to customize your phone, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to find a reputable website that offers the patches. Once you’ve found a site, download the patch and save it to your computer. Next, connect your phone to your computer and copy the patch to your phone’s storage. Finally, open the patch on your phone and follow the instructions to install it. There are plenty of sites out there that offer great customizations like this one.

Highlights of antutu benchmark apk

Antutu benchmark apk is the most popular benchmarking app in the world with over 200 million users. It is available for cross-platform use and supports a variety of devices. Highlights of the app include:

  • -the ability to test the performance of your device
  • -compare your device’s performance to others
  • -identify any potential bottlenecks in your device’s performance
  • -see how your device’s performance changes over time
  • -share your results with others
  • -receive updates on new devices and benchmarks

How To Install antutu benchmark apk?

AnTuTu benchmark is the most popular benchmarking app in the world! Over 200000000 users choice AnTuTu. AnTuTu also support cross-platform,including PC, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

You can download AnTuTu from our official website or other Android markets.
Once you’ve downloaded it, find the APK file and install it on your device.
If you’re installing an APK directly for the first time, you’ll need to give your device permission to install apps from unknown sources.
Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and turn on ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’.

Now you can install the AnTuTu APK.

Do you sell PC version of AnTuTu Tester? Are there any differences between PC version and Mobile version of AnTuTu Tester?

No, we don’t sell PC version of AnTuTu Tester. However, there are some differences between PC version and Mobile version of AnTuTu Tester. For example, PC version can test processors with higher clock speeds and has more accurate results. Mobile version is more convenient to use because it can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the Mobile version includes graphic interface with 3D animation effects while the PC version only includes text interface.

Features of antutu benchmark apk

The Antutu Benchmark app is the most popular benchmarking app in the world, with over 200 million users. It is a cross-platform app, available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Antutu has a number of features that make it the go-to benchmarking app for many users. Firstly, it can test your device’s CPU speed and GPU score. Secondly, the battery saver feature will allow you to reduce power consumption by running only one test at a time instead of multiple tests at once.

Finally, you can use the temperature monitor to help you figure out if your phone is overheating or not. If you are looking for an app to measure your phone’s performance then Antutu is perfect! It provides all the necessary information, including a list of benchmarks scores, which shows how well your smartphone performs across various metrics like processing power, graphics performance and memory capacity. With these benchmarks scores you can compare them against other devices from various manufacturers to see where yours stands!

Antutu also has a very helpful interface which allows you to easily switch between individual benchmarks so that you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by data. Plus it also offers an interactive heat map so that you know whether or not your phone is getting too hot as well as its own battery saving mode – either way there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t download this app!


AnTuTu benchmark apk requires a minimum of Android 4.0 and up. It also requires 1 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. However, we recommend 2 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor for the best experience. AnTuTu benchmark apk is free to download and use. However, there are some in-app purchases available. These include premium features such as battery saving mode and scanning individual apps. But these features are not necessary unless you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of your device’s performance.

What should you know about antutu benchmark apk? AnTuTu provides detailed information about all aspects of your device, including CPU, GPU, Memory Usage and System Information. You can even compare different devices by choosing the Benchmarking Tool from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the app’s home screen.

Multiple Language Support

AnTuTu benchmark app supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users all over the world. The app is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. With so many language options, you can easily find the right one for you. Plus, the app supports cross-platform usage, so you can use it on your Android phone or tablet. AnTuTu supports multiple languages, making it the perfect choice for benchmarking your device no matter where you are in the world. With over 200 million users, AnTuTu is the most popular benchmarking app available. And because it’s available on both Android and iOS, you can use it to compare devices across platforms.

AnTuTu is reliable, accurate, and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their device. In addition to its long list of features, there are also a variety of settings that allow you to customize how the app works with your device. You can set up notifications, change CPU settings (on supported devices), and select from a variety of tests. Best of all, this app is free! Download AnTuTu today and see how much better your device could be!

Conclusion About antutu benchmark apk

AnTuTu benchmark is the most popular benchmarking app in the world! Over 200000000 users choice AnTuTu. AnTuTu also support cross-platform,including iOS 、Android 、Windows 、 etc. It is really an amazing app. All you need to do is download it and let it run on your phone for a few minutes.

When you open the app you will see a ranking of phones with their speed and some other information about them like RAM size, number of cores and so on. If you are not happy with your phone’s performance then this app might be able to help find a better one for you or at least just make sure that your current one has nothing wrong with it. I would definitely recommend this app if you want to find out how well your phone performs compared to others.

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