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Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) will let you experience what it likes being a bus driver in Indonesia in a fun and authentic way, with some bonuses thrown in to keep you hooked on the game. And by the way, it’s completely free! This game has just received its first update, so there are quite a few new features to explore. The best part of all this? We’ve got the APK available right here! So without further ado, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk and enjoy playing it as much as we do!

Reviews bus simulator indonesia mod apk

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a bus simulator game that takes place in Indonesian cities. The game captures realism in its environments with vivid textures and detailed 3D models on buildings and other props that are found throughout major streets and highways. Aside from just driving, you will be expected to fight bandits, kidnap VIPs and make other moral decisions that often happen in real life but don’t always get captured on film!

Bus Simulator Indonesia also features buses from different regions like Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi which can be used for various situations. With over 100+ kilometers of open roads and highways available to explore on your bus you’ll never run out of fun missions or destinations! So what are you waiting for? Download the BUSSID mod apk now before this promotion ends!

An Android app that simulates what it’s like being a bus driver in Indonesia. It has realistic environments and even traffic rules implemented into the game making it feel very authentic when you play. There are different types of buses that you can use as well as different types of routes (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi) giving players more than enough options to choose from when playing the game. If you’re interested in Bus Simulator Indonesia then I highly recommend downloading the mod apk so that you can experience this amazing game right away! A tour guide about car accidents tells tourists why car accidents happen:

What is bus simulator Indonesia mod apk and what’s it for?

This game is a bus simulator game and offers much more challenging gameplay than its counterpart. The mod version is not restricted to moving within a small map, but you can take the buses on long routes and drive them around real-life Indonesian cities, including Bogor, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, etc. There are also additional challenge modes in this game which you can play for hours!

This mod is called BUSID MOD and it has been designed to have many new features like a dashboard camera or new buildings that were never seen before in any bus driving games. You will be able to experience driving your bus with precision thanks to the improved wheel feedback simulation and newly implemented clutch system. Plus, there’s even music in this mod that you won’t find anywhere else! No need to search high and low anymore – download now, as this bus simulator Indonesia mod apk will provide endless hours of fun!

Overall, if you want to enjoy a perfect mixture of realistic driving and beautiful graphics, then BUSSID MOD APK is exactly what you need. Since BUSSID has received great acclaim from players all over Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia where it was released first, we decided to bring some light into everyone’s life by releasing an English language version for those who live outside these regions – known as BUS SIMULATOR INDONESIA (aka BS ID). BUSTED or BS ID can make anyone’s day brighter so what are you waiting for? Download now because all good things come together only once!

How To Install bus simulator Indonesia mod apk?

  • To install the bus simulator Indonesia mod apk on your Android phone, follow these steps:
  • Click here to download it from Play Store.
  • If you’re not logged in, enter your username and password first.
  • Tap Install when the dialogue pops up at the bottom of your screen. 4. It’ll take a few minutes for the app to download, so wait until it says Installed next to the name of the app before continuing.

You should now see the bus simulator Indonesia mod apk appear on your Apps list if the installation was successful! 6. That’s all there is to it! Have fun driving around Jakarta as a bus driver and enjoy the Indonesian way of life with this game. Download the bus simulator Indonesia mod apk now and explore more about how transportation works in Indonesia. With an increasing population of over 258 million people, traffic can be chaotic and difficult to maneuver through at times.

Here are some interesting facts about Indonesia’s public transport system- it has a total length of 171,172 km; 28% of its vehicles are passenger cars, and the buses cover 14% (29 billion km) in terms of total length traveled. Stay tuned for our future posts where we will talk more about BUSTED! We hope that you have enjoyed this blog post on How To Install bus simulator Indonesia mod apk. Remember to subscribe below to get notified every time we post something new.

Highlights of bus simulator Indonesia mod apk

If you love buses and want to test your skills as a bus driver, then you will find this game addicting. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a driving simulator that lets you feel like you are behind the wheel of a bus in Indonesia. This mod apk features multiple detailed bus models which range from old school buses to air-conditioned coaches. There are also many maps to drive on, with over 12 different regions. While the ultimate goal is to make it through all of these challenging levels, there are some obstacles and dangers along the way.

Drivers can experience jaywalking pedestrians or sometimes uncontrollable traffic! The intense realism of this game will have even those that never wanted to be drivers scratching their heads and thinking now what? That’s because while they may not want to operate an actual bus, they sure do enjoy playing this amazing simulation. One thing is for sure: You’ll be hooked before you know it! As one might imagine, this has led to very high ratings for the app-people love the fact that it gives them an authentic bus driving experience.

Plus, when you are tired of simply practicing driving-or if you need a break from driving a virtual bus-you can jump into Career Mode where you work to manage finances and schedule passengers just like in real life. So how could anyone resist trying out BUSSID today? There is nothing better than being able to control your destiny by becoming a bus driver in Indonesia. Head over to Google Play Store and download it right away-we promise you won’t regret it!

Features of bus simulator Indonesia mod apk

With a bus simulator on your mobile device, you can now be a bus driver even without having the experience. Now we introduce BUSSID – with the uniqueness of mod apk and visual fidelity, allowing players to feel the authentic driving experience of being a bus driver in Indonesia.

With this app, you can take passengers to different destinations across Jakarta with its highly realistic simulation. To become successful as a bus driver, you need to understand what it takes and plan accordingly – fuel consumption, maintenance cost, schedule, and traffic jam as well as explore various possible strategies that come along with your every move on the wheel.

Drive and turn a bus, transport passengers to their destinations, create a bus network for maximum efficiency – and do it all with style! Take on new challenges and compete with your friends in our busy career mode. Race against yourself to push for gold medals or fulfill your transport needs in our realistic sandbox mode. Become a professional driver using almost every type of public transport vehicle that you can imagine! BUSSID offers some of the most challenging yet realistic transportation driving simulation gameplay available on mobile devices today, through fantastic graphics and an addictive gameplay experience.

There are many features including Career Mode where you have to explore various routes and unlock new buses with hard-earned cash; Free Roam Mode which is perfect for quick runs around town; Simulation Mode which is designed for hardcore drivers who want the ultimate challenge; Multiplayer Race Mode which allows multiplayer competition between your friends; Sandbox Mode where you have unlimited money to test out any strategy imaginable.

Operating System bus simulator Indonesia mod apk

Bus simulator Indonesia mod apk is available for Android and iOS. This game is available on your mobile device through either Google Play or iTunes App Store. You can download this simulation app from their respective marketplaces. You will be provided with a tutorial at the beginning of gameplay that will teach you how to drive your bus safely and get around obstacles in traffic.

There are two game modes: bus driver mode, which allows you to take passengers from one stop to another; and the free driving mode, where you can explore various routes around Jakarta. A variety of buses and vehicles are waiting for you as well as different types of missions (including cargo delivery) to keep things interesting. The graphics have been optimized for low-end devices so everyone can enjoy them. As a bonus, players receive an exclusive vehicle (bus or truck) after completing all missions in the game.

For those who want more challenges, additional buses and cars can be unlocked via purchase. You also have the option to share your records via Facebook so friends and family can watch you grow as a driver. Finally, if you need assistance while playing the game, there is a customer service center that can answer any questions you may have.

Do I need to root my phone? The mod is not a rooting application, but you do need to be running Android 7.0 or higher on your device to play the game. Do I need to download data? The map, textures, and sounds will be downloaded automatically when you run the game for the first time, so no data is needed.

How many vehicles are in BUSSID? Currently, there are ten types of buses with three variants per type. There are also three types of minibusses and two truck types. What languages are supported? BUSTED has been translated into Indonesian, English, and Thai – other translations are coming soon! In the end, BUSSID is meant to offer an experience that can only be found in our backyard.

That’s why we want as many people as possible from around the world to enjoy it. So jump on board and get ready for some fun! The life of a bus driver isn’t always easy, but this won’t stop you from enjoying every bit of the ride. Whether you’re new to driving or just looking for something different, come drive the streets of Jakarta with BUSSID and experience what it’s like being one of us.


Overall, BUSSID is a great way to pass time while learning something new. With hours of content and over 100 locations, there is never a dull moment in this game. The driving controls are really precise and accurate which helps make your bus more enjoyable. And with great graphics, maps, characters, and scenery this mod is one you will want to play! It’s easy to use and you can switch back to free roam at any time which allows for some fun exploration as well. There’s no surprise why so many people are downloading it right now so give it a try today!

If you enjoy simulator games or even if you have just been curious about them, download BUSSID now to start enjoying what it’s like to be a driver in an authentic setting. Download today because there’s no better time than now! You won’t regret taking on the role of a driver on wheels of steel! See all of Indonesia’s landmarks and places that have stories that need to be told.

Download BUSSID today! Let your friends know too by sharing and rating on social media because those five-star ratings don’t lie. So what are you waiting for? Take control in Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) for PC & Mac computers then get behind the wheel and start driving!

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