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How to Get the Google Camera App for Android 11 Google Camera is one of the best camera apps you can get on your Android device, but only if you have Android 11 or newer. If you’re still using an older version of Android, you may be missing out on the full Google Camera experience, and that can be frustrating if you’re trying to take some great photos or videos with your Android device. Google Camera isn’t available as an app in the Google Play Store, so how do you get it? Here’s how to download the Google Camera app to your Android device running Android 11 or higher.

How to Get the Google Camera App for Android 11

Google Camera has been a popular photography app for Android devices for years. With the latest release of Android 11, the Google Camera app was removed. But don’t worry! You can get the Google Camera App back with a few taps. Here’s how to get it Open Google Play Store and search Google Camera. Locate the Google Camera entry and click on Install. The download will start automatically so you just need to wait until the installation is complete.

Start up your phone and you should see the Google Camera app icon on your home screen. It’ll be right next to your recently installed apps in case you missed them or accidentally closed them. If you still can’t find it, go into your app drawer by tapping on a space at the bottom of your screen (near where Settings would be). Once there, look for an icon that looks like a camera lens inside of a square frame. Tap on that icon and boom – you’re good to go! And if you are curious about some of the features in Google Camera, here are some details:

Portrait mode lets you take natural-looking photos using shallow depth-of-field blur •Night Sight improves low-light images without a flash Video stabilization reduces shaking while shooting video There’s no limit to what Google Camera can do. If you want even more features, we recommend downloading one of our favorite photo editing apps: Photo Editor by PicsArt

Adding it to your home screen

  • Just like adding any other app to your home screen, follow these steps:
  • Make sure you have the Google Play Store installed on your device.
  • Launch it and search Google Camera. – Tap install and give it a moment to install.
  • Once it’s done installing, open your home screen and press and hold on a space to add a new icon (one long touch, not two short ones). – Choose Google Camera from the list of available apps.

Give it a name and position, then tap Done. Now that you’ve added Google Camera to your home screen, you can access it anytime by tapping its icon! And if you’re still looking for more tips on how to take great pictures with Google Camera, check out our tips blog post! You may need to restart your device before Google Camera will show up on your home screen. After doing so, follow the steps above and Google Camera should be there waiting for you!

Startup Menu Continued

Open Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Default apps -> Assist & voice input -> Launcher
Select default launcher to None or Google Home. – Press back twice to return to the home screen.

The features of Google Camera

Google Camera is an app you can download on your phone that gives you many cool features, including a Portrait mode. With this camera, you can blur out a background or adjust the depth of field so it’s sharp and clear. Google Camera has Night Sight which lets you take incredible low-light photos without having a phone with a dual-lens camera. There’s also video stabilization to smooth out bumps while filming and Motion Auto Focus so everything stays in focus no matter what movement is happening in the frame.

If you’re wondering how to get Google Camera, look at all these amazing features that might convince you to give it a try! You can easily find Google Camera by typing Google Camera into the search bar on your phone. You’ll be able to either tap on Google Play Store and then scroll down until you see Google Camera or type google camera apk for android 11 into Google and click on the first result.

Once you have Google Camera downloaded, open up the app and follow along as it takes you through a tutorial about each feature of the camera. From there, use your newfound knowledge to take great pictures and videos with ease! For more tips and tricks about Google Camera, visit the link below.

Using flash

It is easy to find a smartphone that has all of the newest features, such as flash and HD cameras. With this type of technology, taking beautiful pictures is easier than ever before. If you need a quick way to get better camera quality on your device, you should use flash while taking pictures. The first step is making sure that you know where it is on your phone because many models have it in different places. It may also be hidden in camera settings or even under the camera filter.

After locating it, experiment with lighting when taking a picture and use a fill-in flash if necessary. You can take numerous photos if you don’t like the first one or want to make adjustments based on how long you held down your finger button. Your flash icon will change from white to yellow, and you’ll notice that there’s an orange screen on top of the image. These are indications that your phone’s flash is ready for action! The google camera apk for android 11 allows people to take professional-quality pictures using their mobile devices.

Night Sight mode takes low light images up to 400% brighter so you never miss a moment at night again. Finally, video stabilization reduces shakiness and enhances audio so your clips come out beautifully smooth. Turn these features on by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner of your app and then selecting Settings. Select Video Stabilization or Night Sight depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

The Lens feature

Google Lens is the Google camera app’s smart feature that lets you take a picture of something, and then, based on what it can see, adds things like filters or information about what it is. There are some new tools to play with when using Google Lens in Google Camera 2019: you can now scan QR codes and other two-dimensional codes; get language translations; snap selfies with all kinds of fun masks and effects; detect landmarks, objects, texts, etc.; find similar items from your photos on Google Shopping.

Google Lens was one of Google Camera’s most powerful features in the past, but its capabilities have increased significantly this year. Now, you can use Google Lens to translate text by pointing your phone at it; figure out if an object has any potential uses (i.e., if there’s a button that says call, Google Lens will let you call the number); look up where an object comes from; recognize logos or brands (like Apple).

The best part? All these functions work even better on phones running Android 11! Just point your device’s camera at whatever you want to learn more about, and Google Lens will provide instant answers.

You don’t need to open Google Assistant anymore—just tap on the topic you want info on in the bottom bar, such as Arts & Entertainment. Google Lens is so good at identifying what it sees that sometimes it needs help figuring out which result belongs with which question. Does it ask questions like What type of thing am I looking at? or What category do I belong in? Once those questions are answered, Google Lens works its magic. It scans through thousands of responses to give you exactly what you need.

Video shooting options

If you’re using Google’s latest AI-powered smartphones, then you have the perfect tool at your fingertips: Google’s AI-driven software and hardware. However, if you’re not on a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL, don’t worry! You can still capture stunning images and videos with Google Camera APK thanks to its video shooting options.

Portrait mode focuses on a specific subject in a frame, giving them a dramatic effect by blurring everything around them. Night Sight brings amazing low-light capabilities that are impossible for smartphone cameras without this capability and takes what might normally be dark shots into scenes with beautiful detail that lets your night photographs stand out from all of those grainy pictures of people living off kilowatts.

Google Camera also has some great features when it comes to video shooting options. Stabilization is an excellent feature for anyone who moves around a lot while filming, as it keeps the footage steady and prevents nausea-inducing motion sickness. Slow motion is always fun, but even more so when it is done well, like Google Camera does it – just drag up on the timeline and set the playback speed to 240 fps or 120 fps for 60 seconds of footage slowed down ten times slower than real-time. 4K video recording is available too, which will give your movies much higher quality than their HD counterparts.

Lastly, if you want to get that perfect photo or video using camera apps for android phones, Google Camera APK is one of the best options. Not only does it offer a multitude of cool features such as Super Res Zoom which provides improved zoom functionality through machine learning algorithms (so basically it’ll keep zooming until it finds something), but there are tons of different ways to shoot photos and videos using Google Camera apk download.

Pro Mode settings

For years, Google’s Pixel phones have had a dedicated Pro Mode, but more recently other OEMs like Samsung and Huawei are offering it too. Whether you’re using a new Galaxy S10e or an old iPhone SE, here’s how to enable the Pro Mode setting.

Tap Settings on your device. In iOS, go to General then tap Camera. If using Android, tap Settings. Scroll down until you see Pro mode and make sure it is turned on. The options will depend on your camera-only options may include focus and ISO settings while dual cameras might have additional settings such as contrast or aperture. When in Pro Mode, scroll up and down to change between shooting modes.

Tap Return at the top of the screen if you want to return to normal mode. If you’ve enabled manual controls and switched to Manual Exposure mode, there are also sliders for shutter speed (left) and ISO (right). Increasing the ISO can be helpful in dark environments and decreasing it can help with low-light shots.

On the right side of the bar, you’ll find more camera features: toggle Night Sight (iOS only), enable/disable Night Portrait Mode, set Selfie Focus Type, capture HDR+ shots automatically, toggle Lens Blur Effect (slow motion), add AR Stickers, and save location information automatically. Tap Edit from the bottom menu bar to delete images from your gallery without deleting them from Google Photos.

If you have updated your phone and it doesn’t have the app available in Google Play Store, make sure you have not already disabled the permissions or uninstalled Google Play Services. You may also need to clear your cache on your phone. Make sure your APN settings are up-to-date. You can find this information by going into Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names. Android Marshmallow or higher is required for this feature, as well as a supported browser that is using either WebView or ChromiumWebView components.


You can now enjoy Google Camera with its new updates, plus more features that come with Android 11. The steps in this blog post should have given you a head start on how to get the Google Camera app for android 11 and its features so make sure you follow them carefully. It’s also important that after finishing these steps, you download and install these apps from the app store or google play. Enjoy!

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