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Get the Google Pixel Experience on Any Android Phone with this Launcher The Pixel Launcher was the highlight of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones that were announced on October 4th. It’s arguably one of the best home screen launchers in the Play Store, but only if you have Pixel phones. Thankfully, there’s an app called Pixel Launcher APK Mod that lets you get the look and feel of this great launcher on any Android phone! Let’s take a closer look at how to install it and what makes it better than other launchers out there right now.

Reviews pixel launcher apk mod pro

If you haven’t heard of the new Pixel launcher apk mod pro by Google, let me introduce you. The best thing about this is that it isn’t exclusive to just Pixel and Pixel XL phones- it’s for any phone running Android. Pixel Launcher has a clean and efficient interface that allows for quick access to information like your favorite contacts and recent photos, but what I love is that it shows my most recent phone call right up front when I swipe down.

Swiping left or right on home screen pages reveals additional helpful information like step-by-step directions to home or upcoming appointments in your calendar. And finally, if you’re not feeling too confident swiping all over the place, there’s also an option to set up app shortcuts on your home screen. So how do you get it? You’ll need a third-party launcher app called Nova Launcher that supports the Pixel features.

After downloading Nova Launcher, scroll through its list of settings until you find Pixel UI. Turn it on and restart your device! You can also set Nova as your default launcher by heading into Settings>Apps>Nova Launcher>Clear Defaults. For more options, head to the ‘Home’ tab in Nova’s settings and check out their extensive layout packs which are designed specifically for use with the Pixel launcher apk mod pro.

What is pixel launcher apk mod pro and what’s it for?

If you have a newer phone, you likely have its launcher. But for some people, that’s not enough customization. The pixel launcher apk mod pro allows for more control over icons and text size. Plus, it lets you change your desktop background to match your favorite picture or slideshow.

But to use it, you’ll need root access on your device and download a custom app from an unknown source. Pixel launcher apk mod pro is a 3rd party app that offers several new features and brings the Pixel experience to any android phone. If you want it to look like your phone came straight from Google, you should use this launcher for your device. You can also customize it for every occasion or need and make it look just how you want.

Not only does it help bring some of the unique features from pixel phones onto other devices, but you can use pixel launcher apk mod pro to activate OK google voice search and most importantly, no ads! For example, if you want to find something online or open up an app quickly, all you have to do is say OK Google, and tell it what you’re looking for. No need to scroll through the page trying to find what you’re looking for – just ask! And when using the launcher as default, no pesky ads are interrupting your experience.

The new Pixel Launcher

Introducing Pixel Launcher, the exclusive home screen for your new Pixel phone. One of our designers made an awesome video showing how it works. There’s so much to love about the Pixel Launcher – here are just a few of our favorite features:

Plenty of wallpapers, themes, and other customization options so you can personalize your phone in any way you like;

New ways to interact with your notifications, like directly replying from the notification shade and accessing them from the lock screen; – Visually exploring all that Google can do for you by simply swiping up from the bottom; – The latest Google Photos and Maps integration for quick access to everything important; – And more! Watch the video below to see everything that’s included with Pixel Launcher. You’ll be surprised at how many cool things there are to explore.

Dozens of gorgeous high-quality wallpapers to show off your favorite photos; – Unique icon styles and designs that you won’t find anywhere else; – Handpicked personalized information for weather, sports scores, calendar events, flight status, and nearby attractions – all accessible from the home screen or through a simple swipe down from the top. We think these features will make your phone feel brand new again. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store now and update your launcher (even if it isn’t Pixel Launcher) to get these features today!

How To Install pixel launcher apk mod pro?

It’s easier than you think. You’ll just need to follow these steps: Download the .apk file from our site, then tap it to begin the installation. Go through the necessary steps to authorize your device and then tap INSTALL.

And that’s it! You now have pixel launcher apk mod pro installed on your phone. Once you’re ready, launch pixel launcher apk mod pro as you would any other app. We recommend adding an icon of your liking by opening up pixel launcher apk mod pro and tapping Icon in the top right corner of your screen and selecting which one best suits your needs.

Pixel launcher apk mod pro will provide all of your favorite google products while maintaining a fast, functional experience that is more personal than ever before! Enjoy the brand new At A Glance widget and never miss important notifications again. Personalize what’s most important to you by long-pressing or squeezing your home screen for quick actions or system settings. The next generation of Android has arrived, take control of your mobile experience with pixel launcher apk mod pro.

How to install it?

Download the Pixel launcher apk mod pro and move it to your phone’s SD card. Once installed, set your phone to use that as your default launcher from Settings > Personal > Default App > Home Screen app. You’ll also want to make sure you have Nova Launcher Prime installed because Pixel doesn’t come with all of Nova’s features unlocked for free. With Nova, you can have a search bar at the top of your home screen which is more convenient than scrolling through pages of apps like some other launchers require.

Plus, there are tons of customization options within Nova to change things up if you’re tired of what comes pre-installed on Pixel. If you’re not a fan of either option, there are other launchers out there like Action Launcher 3 and Lawnchair Launcher (my personal favorite) that mimic the Pixel experience without requiring any downloading or rooting anything yourself. They work just fine on any device so if you don’t already have one, I recommend trying them out.

Highlights of pixel launcher apk mod pro

Google has used a variety of new features and functionality to create an experience that is unmatched in the market. With customization and information just a swipe away, it’s never been easier to have quick access to everything you care about. By installing any launcher other than Google’s own, you can enjoy the same features without buying a new phone! All you need is to get a modded version of pixel launcher apk mod pro and install it as your default home screen launcher.

Enjoy using all these incredible features with your existing device! To learn more about Pixel Launcher download mod APK Pro by clicking here The best part is you don’t need a new phone to enjoy the whole package. Simply grab any launcher from the Play Store, like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, and follow the instructions for making it your default home screen app. You’ll be able to use customizations and features normally reserved for Pixel devices everywhere you go!

Features of the launcher

Google’s Pixel launcher is a minimalist approach to home screen design. You can search and scroll through the news, the weather, nearby places, and even the newest trending YouTube videos straight from your lock screen. The ‘At a Glance widget at the top of the launcher displays your next appointment, as well as an overview of how much battery life you have left, and what time it is. Finally, you can use many of Google’s built-in wallpapers or create your custom wallpaper to represent you.

When I open up my pixel launcher for the first time, I found myself right back where I was when I first opened up my phone after turning it on: completely blank. From there, all I had to do was add a few apps that I used most often and customize my dock accordingly so that everything would be within reach whenever I needed it. Overall, the best thing about having this app installed is that not only does it provide you with such a clean interface but it also has those little things here and there which make your phone experience easier than ever before.

For example, if you don’t like your current theme, switching between them is quick and easy because the app comes with plenty of options to choose from. One nice feature is that if you’re using one type of device and want another (maybe something more high-end), they offer ways to migrate without losing any data whatsoever! With just a couple of clicks (or taps) I could switch over my entire account without taking anything off my old device – now I’m ready for the new year!

Options in settings

Pressing the home button opens up a vertical app drawer, which can be sorted in alphabetical order. Apps from your Installed section are still accessible and a quick swipe up brings you to the overview of your apps. Quickly jump back to an app by tapping and holding it in the overview.

The bottom row is reserved for shortcuts and quickly opening apps or settings via three app icons: phone, camera, and recently used. On top of these features, there’s also a handy pill-shaped widget that gives you quick access to notifications and such right on your home screen without having to open anything else – just tap to see all updates at once. The new launcher has many options that are different from other launchers. With so many choices, you may be left wondering where to start.

The first thing you will want to do is set your home screen and lock screen backgrounds. You can choose between various wallpapers or create your background wallpaper by adding a photo to the Gallery app and going into Settings > Backgrounds & Wallpaper. You can also use some of the pre-installed stickers as backgrounds if you would like something more creative than a standard photo or design.

Next, set your app drawer icon color. The default is blue, but feel free to change it to whatever colors fit your style best!


If I swipe left does that show all of my apps?

No, swiping left takes you to your feed of personalized information from Google. If you want to see your app list, press the app drawer icon in the top left corner or tap and hold.

When I am using my feed of personalized information from Google, how do I switch between seeing social posts or news articles?

It’s easy! Swipe up on your home screen to see different topics like social posts or news articles that are tailored just for you.

Does this launcher have a search bar at the top?

Yes! Tap in between apps and search right there on your home screen. Or scroll down and use voice search. Whether you’re looking for something near your current location or a nearby restaurant, it’s super quick to find what you need. And because we save everything locally, that means faster searches and no need for an internet connection.


Find a Theme that corresponds to your device’s operating system (e.g., launcher theme-480×854-anyapi23). If you do not find your OS in any of the themes listed, scroll down to find it under Older Versions. Scrolling down will also provide a list of other apps created by Tom Hovey, as well as a link to his website. Select Open next to your desired theme and click Install.

The installation process may take a few minutes. When completed, swipe up from the home screen or open the App Drawer and tap on Pixel Launcher Pro’s icon labeled Theme. The app will ask if you want to make changes now or later; click now if you are sure you want the new design without changing anything else about your phone first. When ready, tap Ok to finish making changes. You will be prompted again asking if there are more themes you would like installed; select yes and repeat these steps for all desired themes.

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