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If you’re the proud owner of a new POCO F1 (aka POCO F1), then you should grab the new APK for the stock contacts and dialer app from Xiaomi, which will bump it up to version and brings several nice features that are worth having.

It’s been a while since I try mi dialer apk for poco x3, so don’t know how it works on this phone. I tried to use the MiDialer apk but the app crashed because of missing permissions to add contacts from the SD card on Pocophone F1 .

The contacts app for the Poco is called MIUI dialer, not Poco Dialer Apk like the Mi5 series. I love my poco x3 with all its limitations! But what about Miui contacts? Does anyone have any feedback on using the Miui dialer apk instead of the Poco contacts app? *5) If you are going to install it, make sure you copy your backup first.

Reviewing: Had an issue with receiving messages on Line. Keeps displaying messages as new messages but they are ones already read by another user in the group chat.

Improved layout of contact details

One of the biggest changes in this update is the improved layout of contact details, which makes it much easier to find your contacts quickly and manage them as you please. You can assign pictures to your favorite contacts, block calls from those you don’t want to talk to or opt to get notified every time they call so that you never miss out on important messages again. There’s also a built-in dialer with voice search capabilities so that you never have trouble finding a number again!

Additionally, you’ll be able to access all sorts of information about your contacts including what kind of phone they use, how often they contact you, and more without ever having to leave the app. If you want to know who was the last person that called, then simply open up their profile page and take a look at their recent activity. The updated version also has an improved user interface that makes managing your contact list even easier than before.

Improved UI design

mi dialer apk for poco x3 Is a new app from Xiaomi which has a redesigned UI and some useful features that will appeal to everyone. The new version is available in the same place you download apps like other Google Apps on your phone, it also has some features only found on high-end handsets like Redmi phones, this is nice because you don’t have to deal with as many issues about compatibility or quality, but instead what’s the best for the interface.

When you first start it up, it does feel fast because of all the optimizations it does to fit your budget phone when working with more than 3GB of RAM can be a problem so this makes sure it all works seamlessly. You’ll see the new UI design with its white theme, blue rounded icons at the bottom, and white text on black background. These are just some things you’ll notice right away before getting into how it handles contacts.

The dialer itself comes with an option to set your default number which saves a lot of time when entering numbers into your keypad if they’re not saved already. You’ll also find options like smart call connect automatically selects numbers stored in contacts if they’re there and then connects them automatically if not then it just defaults back to regular calling mode which is something I’m glad they thought about since I tend to forget my contacts even exist sometimes so having this auto-select feature would be helpful.

Many bug fixes and optimizations

Do you have a POCO device and want to use the default dialer app? Did you happen to also pick up a new Xiaomi phone and are looking for contact synchronization? If so, then we’ve got just the update for you.

The POCO team has rolled out an update that fixes many bugs that would previously cause the contact book and dialer app to not work properly with some POCO devices, like the newly-released POCO F1 phone. Now users of devices like the more recent Redmi series can sync their contacts with just a few taps too. The previous version also gave users UI optimizations for handling large amounts of contact records and improved reliability when exporting contacts in batches – go download it today!

Users who want to get access to these improvements right away will want to head into their device’s settings and check for updates. Alternatively, you can use something like Google Play or wait until your device prompts you – whichever you prefer! For those waiting on further bug fixes or performance enhancements before updating though, don’t worry; they’re on the way! We’d love to hear what changes come with future versions so don’t be shy about sharing your feedback if needed.

What is my dialer apk and what’s it for?

The new mi dialer apk for poco x3 is what you need to update your device to the latest version of the Android operating system and you’ll need a computer for that. The application is designed as a fully functional and effective device manager, which can solve many smartphone problems on the spot, such as insufficient storage space or battery power low warnings.

It also can back up all data from a POCO phone and restore it later, using an external SD card or cloud storage. As well as these two options, there is also an ‘All Calls’ tab which shows you any call log entries that might have happened while the dialer was minimized or while you were busy using another function on your smartphone. The new POCO Phone dialer app comes with plenty of features and tweaks that give users a great experience. We would love to hear what you think about this updated version of the Xiaomi Dialer app!

How To Install mi dialer apk?

mi dialer apk for poco x3 free download – Install, ContactDroid: Phone Book Dialer & Caller ID app, an android phonebook for poco texts, and many more programs … Log in with your Email Address and Password to download mi dialer apk latest version. Download the apk file then follow the installation steps to get mi dialer on POCO X3.

The installation process is similar to any other Android application available on Google Play Store and can be done in three easy steps. Get access to more than one billion apps! With over a million different downloads every day, it’s safe to say that this is the best app store in town.

With over 2 million Android apps, we’ve got you covered when it comes to entertainment, social media, productivity, and much more. Never worry about running out of storage space again or a new OS update causing compatibility issues because all of our apps are designed with these things in mind.

Highlights of my dialer apk

The new dialer application that has just been released by Xiaomi Inc is compatible with all POCO phones including the newest, POCO F1. You may find that it doesn’t work on your POCO X3 phone’s NFC features but the app is compatible with all other features of the device, giving you an intuitive experience.

No more calls waiting? This new app does come with a new group call option, something we are sure many of you was asking for – even though it means we will now be subjected to those pesky unsolicited telemarketing calls again 🙁

Three screens let you place a voice or video call from most recently used contacts and also search for contacts who are not saved in your phonebook yet. One thing worth mentioning about this new dialer app is that it comes with a built-in call recorder so if you have any important conversations coming up, make sure to give it a try!

Another feature worth mentioning about this new dialer app is its caller ID feature. When someone calls you and their number isn’t saved in your phonebook, the contact information will automatically appear at the top of the screen. Even better than this, if someone texts you when they’re calling, their name and a number pop up as well! Finally, one thing worth noting about this latest update is that there’s now voicemail transcription support!

Features of mi dialer apk

  • mi dialer apk Features
  • UI is simplified, and more focused on call detail, finding the phone, and task lists. We made it to become a multitasking dialer–so you can go through your recent calls quickly and so easy to switch between two previous calls with just one touch;
  • Uses ID verification for traffic SMS based on identity and pinpoints the user’s location accurately when making or receiving a phone call;

mi band fitness details sync features; Sync fitness data of mi band to the app to keep track of body weight, calorie consumption, sports duration, and duration. The app will show a warning if the user does not exercise enough during these days, which encourages people to be active every day.

More than that, users also can set their personal goals to achieve them easily. If you want to know how many steps are needed for an average person to lose 10 pounds, the answer can be found in this app. What’s more? You can record your daily exercise routines such as swimming and running using this feature. It helps! I love all the features that I don’t need another app anymore because they have all my needs right here.

Features of mi dialer apk

  • Mi dialer has a clean design that makes it easy to use. Here are some of the features we love:
  • Widgets let you take quick actions like make calls, search contacts, access messages, or manage alarms on your home screen—with just one tap
  • Quick response technology uses artificial intelligence to predict your words when typing a message in Chinese and offers translation in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese language for an entire conversation

Requirements of mi dialer apk

The POCO X3 only came out a few months ago, but already it’s been updated to the newest Android 9 Pie beta release, had Android 10 Pie-based custom ROMs released for it, and now this update with the latest version of Xiaomi’s dialer app. The POCO X3 is one of only three phones from Xiaomi on MIUI so far to receive this update; not a bad record for such a new phone.

Requirements of mi dialer apk are great because it has some good features which every phone should have like remote call control, and blacklists with an invisible mode while you’re in contact with people so your line isn’t hijacked when someone attempts to reach you without warning. It also comes with a floating caller ID window so you can see who’s calling as soon as they do, and there’s also a screen recorder function built-in too.

Does the POCO x3 work with NFC?

Please check out our updates to know if any change happens in the future. But don’t worry; your POCO x3 is still a fantastic phone with great specifications and performance with amazing camera results. We will keep you updated with each new update of MIUI or Android OS as well as other apps (including dialer) if we have changes happen regarding its compatibility with your POCO x3 in near future! Stay tuned!

And for now, please try to be patient until we get an update from the official site about this problem. Thanks for your concern. Please let us know if you have other questions about your POCO x3! It’ll be our pleasure to assist you further in any way possible! Thank you for reading this blog post about Xiaomi’s latest software updates.


If you’re waiting for a new update, you don’t have to wait much longer. The latest POCO F1’s newest version of the contacts and dialer app is compatible with POCO X3 handsets, so now it’ll only be a matter of days until the upgrade is available for your handset as well. Keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks!

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